You only use 10% of your brain data

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Improve your matching algorithm by fixing the source

Start suggesting personalized jobs immediately, based on the first few clicks. This reduces the bounce rate and improves the chances of closing a candidate.

Automate the cleaning of your data

We've created a multi-model approach where you can finetune what's important to your business. We allow our customers to create a unique and superb matching algorithm.

Map and standardize everything

Offer more than just jobs to your candidate and win their loyalty. With our career suggestions you can help your candidates find the right careers and your customers find the right people to train.

Monitor your data quality continuously

Our unique skill, experience and diploma extraction algorithms can help you unlock data along every step of the candidate journey.

Homepage Layouts

Keylab Template allows you to choose between different homepage layouts, easily customizable to create a unique design according to your brand.

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