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Staffing's first Candidate Data Engine

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Staffing's first Candidate Data Engine

We are committed to make your staffing company's data work for you, instead of the other way around. That's why we offer our data augmentation platform help you drive more revenue.


A unique approach to matching that works with a multi-model approach.

Data Quality

We continuously track and improve your data using AI, standardization and more.


Get more out of your data

Your recruiters & algorithms can't use 70% (!) of your database. Time to fix it and clean it up, so you can start communicating the right things to the right people and your recruiters can start finding the right people.

Monitor & clean your data automatically

Our data augmentation platform will continuously scan your data for errors. Once we found them, we'll try to solve these errors by using our sophisticated AI algorithm. If that's not possible, we will involve recruiter and candidate where necessary.

Map and standardize everything

Get rid of all those weird abbreviations, outlier skills and job titles in your data by standardising everything and keeping your mapping up to date. Start using our extensive mapping and expand it with your own unique flavour.

Improve your matching algorithm by fixing the source

As an experienced matching algorithm provider, we noticed that the problem was mostly the data quality. That's why we set out to fix your data quality directly, so you can get more - a lot more - out of your matching algorithm.

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Out-of-the-box matching

"We were very happy to partner with Litto for matching jobs and job seekers. We've compared different solution providers and were promised many things, but it was Litto who actually delivered. The out-of-the-box matching was of high quality, and Litto was able to quickly tune their models to get the maximum out of our specific data. They helped us how to determine the quality and proactively collected end-user feedback, which is crucial for success. Furthermore, we can count on them to solve any issues we encounter, such as duplicate candidates."

Mark Maldeghem
CEO Jobat

I highly recommend their services

"I see Litto as a team of talented, passionate Machine Learning Engineers and Consultants who are experts in providing AI-powered solutions and specifically for the HR industry. Not only did they help us design and implement a high-quality job matching solution, but their expert consultants also provided us with key insights/guidance into how AI can be applied to other HR procedures. Not only do I appreciate their AI knowledge, but they also showed high maturity in bringing AI artefacts in production mode. I highly recommend their services and more specifically in enhancing/enriching hiring processes."

Guido Van Humbeeck
Director of Innovation at VDAB

High-quality search and suggestions

"Thanks to Litto, we were able to provide our candidates with high-quality search and suggestions. The members of the Litto team are experts in applying AI technology to HR challenges. Each team member thinks along with our business goals, always finding creative solutions to solve our problems. We very much appreciate that they go the extra mile to adapt their solution to our needs."

Tom Verlinden
Digital Director, CISO House of HR


What does Litto do?
How was the company founded?
What is the mission of the company?
What does Litto do?
Who founded the company?
What is the mission of the company?